This course will introduce users to the powerful features available in ENDUROCADD® NX Layouts which was released with Version 12 of the ENDUROCADD® software, and covers the following:-
  • How to export and update jobs from ENDUROCADD®
  • Concepts of Layers and Layouts and how they are used
  • How to insert dimensions, text and leaders
  • How to create section and elevation lines
  • How to create and edit installation details
  • Familiarise users with the content that is available to be inserted into layout sheets

At the end of this course, users will be familiar with not only the features and how to use them, but how ENDUROCADD NX Layouts can be used to provide quality details. It shall provide links to all of the key resources that are available to use with ENDUROCADD NX Layouts.

Upon successfully completing this course users will obtain a user badge.

This course is a pre-requisite for users to maintain Trained Software User certificates.