ENDUROCADD® Software - Two Storey
This course describes the process to detail floor joists and two storey buildings in the ENDUROCADD® Software. This course will go through the common features that occur in typical two storey houses in Australia.

This course will go through the following topics:-

  • Limitations of Self Certification
  • Information required before detailing can commence
  • 2 storey detailing process
  • How to import and manage multiple levels
  • How to create floor joists
  • Creating wall detailing options for 2 storey construction including tie downs and openings
  • Creating floor voids, step downs
  • Designing beams around voids
  • Laying out joists around step downs
  • Creating and designing floor joists
  • Recap trusses and various truss editing and designing methods

By the end of this course, you should understand the key skills to detail simple, 2 storey building in a non-cyclonic area using the ENDUROCADD® software.

As part of this course, you will document your own detailing preferences for two storey buildings, check jobs for errors, and submit ENDUROCADD® jobs to test detailing competence.

Completion of this course is a requirement for applying to be a Two Storey, Non-Cyclonic ENDUROCADD® Tained Software User.

For more information on becoming a Trained Software User able to sign-off on jobs, refer to the guide on this page: Trained Software User, TSU Certification

Sylvia Weber
Framing Support Manager