ENDUROHUB®️ is a powerful application that allows users to convert files that have been generated in ENDUROCADD®️ to be manufactured on the ENDURO®️ rollformer. It enables numeric control data to be processed following rules that can be pre-defined to sort and adjust to meet individual ENDURO®️ rollformer requirements. It also includes the ability to sort fabrication sheets into the sequence a job is to be assembled in, sort wall panels into a sequence that can be stacked on a truck, and generate reports.

This course assumes that ENDUROHUB®️ has been correctly set up and orders are just being processed through ENDUROHUB®️. The ENDUROHUB®️ Advanced Course will cover how to create and edit sort settings.

This course is for users who are going to use ENDUROHUB®️ to process orders and send them to the ENDURO®️ rollformer. It is also valuable for owners and managers in ENDUROFRAME®️ licensees to understand the role of ENDUROHUB®️ and how it can be used to improve their business.

While ENDUROHUB®️ may be used by detailers who have completed the ENDUROCADD®️ software courses, this course does not assume any knowledge of the ENDUROCADD®️ software. However, it will explain features in the ENDUROCADD®️ software that are relevant to using ENDUROHUB®️. This course does require that users have first completed the Introduction to LGS Course as this includes important concepts such as product terminology which is required to be able to use ENDUROHUB®.

By the end of the course, users should have the knowledge required to release orders to the ENDURO®️ rollformer for manufacture, use the Panelstack tool, and generate reports in ENDUROHUB®️.

Upon successfully completing this course, users will obtain an ENDUROHUB®️ Basics Badge, and qualify to do the ENDUROHUB®️ Advanced Course.

Note: ENDUROHUB®️ is constantly being developed so some features that appear in ENDUROHUB®️ may vary from what is shown in this training course.

Paul Jones
Enduroframe Business Manager