LGS Building & Construction

This course will explain the finer concepts of designing and building with the ENDUROFRAME® building system. It will explain in detail the options that exist within the ENDUROFRAME® system for different building elements, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

By the completion of the course the user will understand each of the building options and how to apply them on a construction site. Detailers will understand what options are available for each feature, and know when to use each option. This course will provide an introduction to using the ENDUROCADD® software, but can also be used by builders, installers and business owners to get a broad overview of the ENDUROFRAME® Building System.

The course will also explain key reference points as well as how to read and understand fabrication and installation drawings.

Each lesson explains different features of building with light gauge steel.


Paul Jones
Enduroframe Business Manager