ENDUROCADD® Software - Single Storey Basics

ENDUROCADD® Software - Single Storey

This course provides an overview of the ENDUROCADD® software program focusing on how to detail single storey houses. By the end of this course, users should be familiar with the process to detail single storey houses using the ENDUROCADD® software, and develop the knowledge foundations to become a Trained Software User for Single Storey Houses. A certificate is provided as proof of completion of the course. This course builds on content covered in these courses:-

  • Introduction to LGS;

  • LGS Building & Construction;

  • LGS Detailing Basics;

  • LGS Engineering Basics;

  • ENDUROCADD® software - Entry Level;

These courses should be completed before this course is commenced as concepts explained in these courses are expanded on in this course. This course covers the following topics:-

  • Create a new job;
  • Check system settings
  • Define job data
  • Import and manage DXFs
  • Level Properties
  • Create new levels by both tracing DXF files and manually
  • Concept of roof shapes and roof components
  • Wall openings
  • Creating and editing walls
  • Detailing Options
  • Wall and roof bracing
  • Roof battens
  • Creating Layout sheets
  • Creating additional parts required for a job
  • Detailing and signing off a job
By the end of this course, you should have a good overview of the structure of the ENDUROCADD® software program and the overall detailing process for single storey houses in non-cyclonic areas. You will detail a simple tile roof, direct cladding fixed granny flat (Basics training job).

Complete this job in ENDUROCADD® as you go through this course. The completed job is submitted at the end of this course and is part of the final assessement.

Completion of this course is required become a Single Storey Non-Cyclonic ENDUROCADD® Trained Software User (TSU). For more information on becoming a Trained Software User able to sign-off on jobs, refer to the guide on this page: Trained Software User, TSU Certification

Kelly Watts
Paul Jones
Enduroframe Business Manager